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Welcome to

U N I M O G - G E R M A N Y.com - the internet presentation

of Hans Baumann GmbH & Co KG - your partner around unimogs.

We are a tradional trading company and sell trucks and vehicles since 1988, especially unimogs.
Our company has practical experience since 1966. Lots of satisfied customers, flexibility and
knowledge of market are our strength.


  • purchasing, selling and negotiating of unimogs and vehicles.
  • always about 25 unimogs on stock
  • mountable equipment, aditional equipment, comunal technique, trailer, as well as parts and accessories (wheels, tires, frontloader, pto, ...) new and second hand
  • delivery worldwide
  • attachments, modifications and special paintings as requested

Your contact persons:

Hans Baumann, senior
Hans Baumann, junior (german, english)
Bianca Baumann (german, english)
Siegfried Baumann (engineering)

Opening hours:

m o - fr 7.30 a.m.-18.00 p.m.
s a 7.30 a.m.- 14.00 p.m.
or agreement


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